Greetings! Today is Tuesday, November 25th 2008. Only two days before Thanksgiving, and I can't wait! My sister and her family, our son Donnie and his family, and our family, will all be meeting at Dad's house for a great time of eating and talking, and just relaxing! Mom is spending Thanksgiving with Aunt Jane at a campground between here and Atlanta. They will have a great time too!

Friday is our traditional adventure into retail maddness as we venture out into the crowds for "Black Friday"! I suppose we are gonna do it again this year!

Steadfast, the most AAA incredible contemporary Christian rock band in eastern North Carolina (I play bass in the band), is turning out to be pretty busy during the winter months. We are playing at a benefit concert for Beulaville High School along with two other Christian rock bands on Saturday, December 6. We are also playing at a new Christian "night club" in New Bern on Wednesday, Dec. 17th. The second annual "Raize the Roof" concert will be held at First Baptist Maysville on Sunday evening, Dec. 28th. We hope to get into Quarternote Studios in Kinston to begin recording our first CD during January, 2009.

That's all the room I've got!...TTYL!

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